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Eating food is a very enjoyable thing for most young people.




For most elderly people, it is difficult for them to feel such enjoyment.

IDUS718 Process Book (1)-2.jpg
IDUS718 Process Book (1)-1.jpg
IDUS718 Process Book-1.jpg

1. Technical innovation: pressure sensing (no buttons)


-Automatically adjusts the heating energy and temperature according to the weight of the meal.

-Automatically turns off when it detects that it is not being used


2.Material & Technology innovation: Far infrared heater with alumina ceramic surface (modern technology with traditional materials)


-Retains the advantages of modern technology for fast heating

-Retains the advantages of traditional material with strong thermal conductivity, good heat preservation and environmental protection

3.Visualization innovation: automatic adjustment of the light display


-The light becomes dim as the heat increases, and turns off as the product turns off, so that users can intuitively feel the operation status of the product


4.Modeling innovation: organic shape (smooth and warm emotional experience)


-Four kinds of organic outer contours are combined with each other at will, harmonious and interesting

-With the warm light emitted by the translucent outer contour, caring and warm

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